Corporate Headquarters

Seattle, Washington

Founded in 2015, We make games, software and experiment with new technologies.


Interested in employment opportunities with Hyaxe?
Unfortunately not, at the moment. We are super full!

Hyaxe, Inc.
1387 Av. Maipú Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a studio tour?
We do not offer studio tours as a general policy. While we would love to give you the full Hyaxe experience, we’re committed to providing the most conducive working environment for our folks so they can stay focused and keep making great games and technology.

We are music/art/mocap/testing/monetization professionals. Can we talk with someone at Hyaxe to discuss our products or services?
We create our internal games in-house and with the help of contractors and teams with whom we have established relationships. We are not looking for new vendors at this time.

I have a great idea for Hyaxe. Can we discuss it?
We are unable to accept outside submissions of any kind. Please do not send us ideas, stories, artwork, game levels, music, etc. We are legally unable to review them.

Can I monetize my gameplay videos featuring your games?
Yes, we allow this.

Will Hyaxe sponsor my clan for an upcoming tournament?
We currently do not offer sponsorships for gaming competitions and tournaments.

Does Hyaxe offer scholarships?
We do not offer scholarships at this time.

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